Covers & Guards

Floor Hole Covers

Hole Covers

At SmartGuard, we offer durable convenient construction hole covers for industry professionals. Our hole covers for floor openings are easy and economical to use. We save you time and money by developing the best covers in the business. Wasteless Reusable Hole Covers A common and necessary part of the construction site is holes. To maintain the highest level of safety for crews and inspectors, and to keep debris from getting in, these holes must be covered. Some benefits of our construction...
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OSHA Accepted Temporary Electrical Panels

SmartGuard's® OSHA-accepted temporary electrical safety panels are a must-have for any construction site or project. These safety temp panel covers are easy to install and remove, recyclable, and can be reused. Sold across America, our 14" and 20" wide panel covers are the only ones that meet OSHA safety and onsite use standards. Benefits Of Our Temporary Electrical Panels There are numerous benefits to using our OSHA-accepted temporary electrical safety panels. Ensuring the health and safety of workers on-site is a top...
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1 Gang Toggle Switch Paint Shield
2 gang clear plastic duplex cover allows for easy view of electrical color and orientation. These tough and router proof electrical prefab products are the best choice for pre-fab and pre-wire situations. These covers are made with translucent yellow PVC so device color and orientation is easily viewed. Available in up to 6 gang.
2 gang mud ring cover

Temporary Electrical Covers

At SmartGuard, we provide temporary electrical covers for use by contractors, electricians, painters, HVAC techs, and plumbers. Anywhere you need temporary solutions to keep dust, grime, mud, or paint out, these covers will last through your construction project. They are made of PVC plastic and designed to last. Dispose of or recycle them when you are done. You can also reuse these light switch, electrical panel, box, and outlet covers, again and again, saving time and money. Temporary Disposable Electrical...
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Weatherproof Electrical Covers

At SmartGuard, we provide weatherproof electrical covers for construction, engineering, HVAC, and plumbing professionals. We understand that your work needs to be protected from water, wind, and other natural elements. Let our sturdy non-metal covers save you time and money. In Use Covers Some types of electrical work need to be accessed often during the construction or repair process. In-use or while-in-use electrical covers keep these areas from having to be taped for protection from weather and then uncovered for reworking...
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2 Gang GFCI/Decora Cover
1 gang GFCI/Decora receptacle covers from our electrical prefab products line are now being offered with pre-installed push pins. Our new tool-less device covers install in just 1 second. The addition of the

Rough-In Electrical Covers

SmartGuard offers rough in electrical covers for construction and engineering industry professionals. We have designed the most convenient, high-quality rough in prefab electrical covers available. Our electrical prefab items are proudly made in the USA. We offer protection for electrical panels, outlets, and switches. Eliminate worry about time-consuming clean up from paint, spackle, or drywall. Our super easy to install plastic prefab and rough in covers are cost-effective and reusable.  Add efficiency and profitability to your workflow on site. Types...
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Plastic Prefab Covers

If you are in the market for plastic prefab and rough in covers, SmartGuard can meet your electrical and construction site needs. Our industry experience and product quality are unmatched. We understand that your time is money. So, we have developed these cost-effective, time-saving prefab electrical covers to keep your project moving. Benefits of Prefab Covers Using our plastic electrical receptacle and switch covers increases on-site safety, and saves you time and money. Our covers are inexpensive and reusable. They also...
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Electrical Panel Covers

SmartGuard manufactures and distributes clear plastic electrical panel covers for use by electricians. These temporary, reusable covers are useful in a wide range of construction and engineering projects to increase safety and protect breaker boxes from dirt, liquids, and debris. Inspections are a breeze with our covers because inspectors can still see what's behind the cover without having to remove it. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and contractors dealing with paint, dust, and drywall, can all benefit from the practicality, added...
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Floor Opening Covers

Whether your construction project is commercial, industrial or residential, you can rely on SmartGuard to supply the premier floor opening covers to meet federal and state regulations. We help make your job easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective - while ensuring safety based on OSHA requirements. Our floor opening covers are made in the USA out of durable PVC plastic materials, they are recyclable and economical, and they are certified ASTM Standard D1790 and D638.   Core Drilled Hole Covers Core drill...
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Floor Sink Drain Covers

SmartGuard floor drain covers and floor sink covers provide protection from the hazards associated with commercial and residential drainage systems. Our versatile plastic covers are manufactured in the United States and are made with durable materials. They can be installed in indoors or outdoor kitchens, restrooms, utility rooms, courtyards, and anywhere there is a floor sink present. What Are Floor Drain Covers Used For? Floor drain covers prevent bodily injury and damage to your plumbing. When they are left open, drainage holes...
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Plastic Covers For Electricians

SmartGuard has plastic covers for electrical boxes, panels, outlets, and switches. The covers are made of clear plastic and used by electricians for construction jobs. They are used for outlets, switches, breaker boxes, commercial metal boxes, mud ring boxes, panels, and more. These covers are great for electricians because they can be used as protection during construction projects; they save time from using tape, they make the project safer, and using them makes the project go quicker. You can save...
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