5 Ways To Create A Safer Jobsite

Roughly 1.8 million traumatic work injuries happen every year in the United States, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Not only are employers responsible for protecting their workers because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it benefits their bottom line across everything from productivity to worker’s compensation claims.

Workplace Accidents Can Be Incredibly Costly

The importance of accident prevention is underscored by OSHA data indicating that workplace accidents and injuries cost businesses billions of dollars annually.

Wondering how to make your job site safer for your employees? Read on for a roundup of five workplace safety tips.

1. Maintain Clear Walking Areas

Debris on the ground can lead to injuries and debilitating trips and falls. Allocate time throughout the day to clean up wet or messy indoor and outdoor walking areas.

Because floor holes and openings are also commonly cited as OSHA violation issues, durable HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) plastic hole covers are an excellent preventative measure, too.

2. Install Adequate Lighting

Dark and poorly lit areas can impede visibility, leading to various hazards, including improper equipment operation, difficulty navigating walkways and stairs, and trips and slips.

3. Utilize Safety Signage

In some cases, potential hazards are unavoidable. Safety signs in these areas ensure workers and visitors know their surroundings.

Common warning signs include:

  • Fire safety signs
  • Prohibition (or “Do Not”) signs
  • Warning signs, i.e., high voltage, flammable liquids, trip hazards, “proceed with caution,” etc.
  • Mandatory signage, i.e., “personal protective equipment must be worn,” “keep the door shut,” etc.
  • Emergency signage

The type of signage appropriate for your workplace depends on your business line.

4. Minimize Electrical Hazards

Wall openings with electrical shock hazards and unprotected electrical panels can lead to shocks, burns, loss of muscle control, and other electrical injuries.

Electrical protection products, such as outlet covers, safeguard workers and electrical components.

5. Require and Enforce Safety Training

Your best efforts are moot if your workers aren’t doing their part to create and promote a safe working environment for themselves and their fellow employees. Safety training is the best way to ensure everyone understands your job site’s obstacles and necessary precautions.

SmartGuard Can Help You Maximize OSHA Compliance

When it comes to accident prevention at the workplace, you can never be too safe or proactive. Investing in workplace safety measures and creating a safety culture is the best way to protect your employees—and your business and brand.

Reach out to SmartGuard to learn more about maintaining and exceeding OSHA standards in your workplace.