How Floor Hole Covers Can Minimize Construction Site Risks

Are you searching for solutions to minimize construction site risks? The floors in your new build can pose serious threats as holes are added to accommodate wiring, ducts, and plumbing. Small holes can be difficult to avoid due to visibility factors, but floor hole covers offer a simple and affordable solution.

Protect Your Workers From Construction Site Hazards

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CDC, and OSHA, falls account for more than a third of construction site injuries. While being mindful of ladder and scaffolding safety may be obvious, trip-and-falls due to floor holes are among the most prevalent but preventable situations. Consistently employing floor covers also improves outcomes for equipment protection, as a worker who is not tripping is also not dropping and damaging expensive tools.

Coordinate Services While Maintaining Safe Work Spaces

It’s possible to have your HVAC or networking specialist come through to cut the holes needed for pipes and ducts without scheduling installation immediately after. When you routinely use hole covers as part of your construction plan, it helps keep personnel safe. They feature a high-visibility yellow, rugged construction, allowing the different crews to avoid unnecessary risks while working.

Floor Covers Are Required For All Openings From Two Inches

Did you know that OSHA regulations state that holes in floors under construction must be protected, even when they are only two inches in diameter? This is so the toe or heel of a shoe will not catch the edge, potentially causing serious injury. You can stock up on covers sized from two to 16 inches, and duct caps up to 22 inches. Beveled edges allow for the safe travel of both people and rolling equipment.

Hole Covers Bring Serious Cost Savings For A Small Investment

If it seems like adding these covers to your toolbox seems like an unnecessary expense, consider the costs associated with a single trip and fall worker’s compensation claim–an average of $20,000 per incident. When you improve worker safety, your job has a better chance of finishing on schedule, and you further save by avoiding unnecessary hiring costs. Finally, the covers are reusable, which lowers your startup expenses for the next site.

Order Your Floor Hole Covers Today & Keep Your Crews Safe

Find a complete selection of hole, duct, and pipe covers at SmartGuard. Use our easy online catalog to restock your supplies or find a local distributor ready to fulfill your needs as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your jobsite today.