6 Benefits Of Clear Covers For Electrical Devices


Who doesn’t want to save time and money during construction or renovation?

As a manufacturer of clear protective covers, SmartGuard specializes in tools of the trade that make life easier and more efficient for electricians, HVAC installers, inspectors, and contractors.

To help you with your next project, we’ve put together six benefits of using ClearCover to protect electrical devices.


Why Cover Electrical Wiring, Outlets, & Devices?

  1. Increase Safety
  2. Debris Repellant
  3. Water Repellant
  4. Scratch Barrier
  5. Easy To Clean
  6. Cost Effective

1. Increase Construction Site Safety & Protect Workers

OSHA’s electrical standards have been established to protect employees from dangerous risks, such as shock, electrocution, fires, and explosions. – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Plastic prefab electric covers are non-conductive and fire rated to help you meet or exceed OSHA standards. You can also see through them to quickly identify wiring, switches, sensors, and circuits for easier inspection.

2. Keep Electrical Panels & Outlets Clean

Dirt, paint, wood shavings—a lot is thrown off and circulating in the air on a construction site. You can avoid cleaning up dust or removing paint later on by installing a plastic ClearCover up front.

3. Avoid Moisture Damage To Wiring

In addition to dirt, moisture can cause problems for electrical devices and live wires. Rust, shorts, and other damages create a safety hazard and cost you time and money to clean up and rework. Water and electricity don’t mix. Keep drips, drops, and rain out with a plastic device cover.

4. Scratch Barriers Save Money On Rework

The slip of a tool or kick up of some gravel can cause damage to your wiring or outlets. Then, you have to call back the electrician to make repairs and the inspector to ensure everything is up to code. Skip paying twice for your electrical work—install clear plastic covers as a protective barrier.

5. Plastic Covers Cut Down Finishing Time

Why nail on boards or seal holes with tape that must be removed and thrown away later? That’s a lot of unnecessary work when you can choose ClearCover device covers, paint shields, and panel covers. Simply pop off or screw off your cover and save it to be used again and again—you won’t need to clean up a mess or redo electrical work.

6. Prefab Device Covers Are Cost-Effective

In addition to being reusable, ClearCover plastic electrical work protectors are affordable. We carry shapes and sizes for all standard electrical, HVAC, and construction uses and are happy to design and manufacture custom sizes to meet the needs of your unique types of projects.

A Variety Of See-Through Covers For Electrical Work

Looking for a way to keep costs down and speed up clean-up on the job site? Check out our inventory of specialty ClearCover products for electrical devices.

Save With SmartGuard On Your Next Project

Wiring, breaker boxes, holes and drains, pipes and HVAC ventilation—at SmartGuard, we manufacture covers for all aspects of construction work. Contact us today to find the perfect ClearCover for your electrical devices, or to learn more about our custom plastic manufacturing services.