Essential Safety Items For Your Construction Site

After conducting job site training, what safety items do you need to keep your construction site compliant while maintaining productivity? Beyond splash guards for chemicals and new extension cords, an ample supply of temporary covers and caps from SmartGuard can help you stay on budget, on time, and fully staffed.

We stock reusable construction safety covers that make electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and finishing work faster and safer. If we don’t already stock the cap or cover you need, we can custom-manufacture it for you. Learn more about our most popular options.


  1. Switch Covers For Safe Operation
  2. Hole Covers Reduce Trip Hazards
  3. Electric Panel Covers Provide Temporary Protection
  4. Pipe Caps Prevent Mistakes
  5. Conduit Caps Fight Off Pest Incursion
  6. Mud Ring Covers Fight Off The Elements
  7. PPE For Every Worker & Supervisor

1. Switch Covers Keep Lights On During Painting

Invest in switch covers that help your painting crews get the job done without gumming up screws and connections while possibly creating shorts. These reusable covers will travel to the next site and speed up finish work without sacrificing safety.

2. Hole Covers Ensure Safety

The holes needed to be cut to prepare for the installation of conduits in the next phase. Apply our fire-resistant hole guards to keep the site safe at night and prevent equipment and shoes from catching on the cutouts in the floors.

3. Prevent Overnight Mishaps With Temporary Electric Panel Covers

Your electrical crews are not quite finished making all the electrical panel connections. A clear temporary electrical panel cover keeps your site OSHA-compliant while protecting workers, visitors, and your investment.

4.Pipe Caps Protect Workers & Fragile Materials

With so much material moving across the site quickly, pipes can be a moving hazard. Pipe caps eliminate sharp edges on fresh-cut PVC, copper, or steel and ensure your crews avoid serious cuts.

5. Conduit Caps Stop Rodents

It may be a week or months before you are ready to seal up all the conduits. Our conduit caps block easy access to vulnerable wiring and pipes. Make sure rodents, pests, or an accident are stopped from creating shorts in ongoing construction.

6. Block Water & Corrosion In Gang Boxes With Mud Ring Covers

Your site still needs to finish the envelope for the new office building, which leaves electrical connections open to the elements. Our temporary mud ring covers fight off water, wind, and dirt incursion with gaskets and clear plastic. Return to a safe and functional site even after severe storms.

7. PPE Extends Beyond Gloves & Goggles For Your Crew

Reviewing your personal protective equipment station stock levels is a daily must-do task. Help your workers meet deadlines by ensuring they have the boots, goggles, chaps, gloves, and hearing protection needed to help them stay healthy and productive.

Place Your Safety Item Order Today

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