4 Reasons Plastic Outperforms Metal For Machine Guards

Many people think of metal when looking for durable, high-quality machine guards, but plastic covers are actually the better choice. They have more benefits than you might expect, and when you choose OSHA-approved options, you can feel confident they will get the job done properly and offer the protection you’re looking for. Here are four reasons plastic is better for panel covers, switch covers, and more.

1. Plastic Machine Guards Are Impact Resistant

Machine guards must be very tough because they need to protect against specific risks and concerns. Most notably, they discourage objects from leaving the immediate area and causing harm to workers and others around them.

  • Sparks
  • Debris
  • Projectiles
  • Broken Pieces

The goal is to have the thinnest and most cost-effective OSHA-approved guard possible that still holds up to the rigors of ongoing use for security, savings, and peace of mind.

2. Reduced Potential For Chemical Reactions

Metal panel covers and switch covers can rust and corrode, and metal sometimes has adverse reactions with chemicals. Plastic offers a reduced risk to lower the chances of a dangerous chemical reaction. There are some chemicals that can harm plastic, though, and being aware of that is vital before choosing your guards.

3. More Pliability With Plastic Options

Stiffness and pliability are significant considerations for plastic machine guards, and you want to choose a plastic that will hold up to your machine’s usage and not warp or bend. Being pliable, though, in that they can flex and vibrate without cracking or becoming damaged, can be an essential part of the equation. This can help reduce the chances that the guard itself may break or fracture, sending fragments of itself into the air.

4. Choose Optical Clarity For Improved Safety

One significant advantage of plastic over metal is that transparent versions of it can offer crucial optical clarity. Choosing clear plastic means you’ll be able to see through the guard and understand what’s taking place in the machine at that point. There’s no way to see through a metal guard, and that could increase the risk of something going wrong in the machine that you can’t see to correct.

Get The Plastic Machine Guards You Need Today

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