Why You Need OSHA-Accepted Hole Covers

HC2G 2 inch smartguard hole cover core holes gasket

In any construction zone, job site safety is paramount. This includes using OSHA-accepted hole covers to protect workers from potential hazards. It is essential to understand this type of safety equipment and the difference between OSHA-accepted vs. non-accepted hole covers and the benefits accepted covers provide you and your team.

You Can’t Afford To Skimp On Safety

Non-accepted hole covers such as plywood may contain inferior materials that won’t hold up to a worker’s weight. These situations can lead to injuries or even death if a worker falls through the hole. DIY covers may also be improperly labeled, which is another violation. If a subcontractor opts not to use OSHA-accepted hole covers, they could be liable for any injuries that occur as a result.

  • Trips & Falls
  • Workers Struck by Falling Items
  • Worker Injury & Death
  • OSHA Fines
  • Damages To Equipment & Property
  • Workers Comp Claims
  • Costly Lawsuits

Look Out For Some Common Hazardous Openings

Utility holes aside, there are many types of gaps that you have to cover to keep your construction site safer. And remember — holes and crevices don’t just occur on floors, and injuries can happen anywhere on site. For example, many construction workers have died after falling through gaps in unfinished roofs or after being hit by falling objects from higher up. Even small openings can lead to significant injuries.

  • Broken Concrete
  • Roof Drains & Ducts
  • Floor Drains
  • Open Skylights
  • Missing Floorboards
  • Drilled Holes

SmartGuard Products Offer Smart Job Site Protection

Our OSHA-accepted floor protection offers superior job site protection. We manufacture our items with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which gives them extra durability and strength. They are available in various sizes for tiny and large openings alike and can hold the weight of workers.

  • Puncture-Resistant
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Water-Resistant
  • 5,000+ lb. Rated Rollover Protection
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable

Don’t Fall Into A Hole — Protect Yourself With SmartGuard!

If you’re looking for a way to protect your workers and comply with OSHA standards, SmartGuard is the perfect solution. Not only are our hole covers accepted by OSHA, but they’re also easy to install and made from durable materials that can withstand harsh environments. Call us today to learn more about our products and place your order.