The Dangers Broken Electrical Outlets Pose To Your Jobsite

Did your construction crew point out a cracked outlet? While it may seem like a small thing, a broken outlet can pose a significant danger to your jobsite. The good news is there is an affordable option that features easy installation and can be reused on your next job. SmartGuard switch and outlet covers could be the perfect solution.

What Can Happen On A Jobsite With Broken Outlets?

While plugged-in power tools may be working, that does not mean an outlet is safe. A cracked or missing cover can pose a significant risk to life and property.

  • Exposed Wires Can Result In A Short
  • Sparks Can Ignite Fires
  • Heavy Equipment May Disconnect Other Tools Resulting In Shocks & Shorts
  • Unsecured Outlets Can Cause Grounded Plugs To Be Damaged
  • Splashing Or Dripping Paint Can Create A Shock Hazard
  • Inspectors Can Shut Down The Site & Levy Significant Fines
  • Increased Injuries & Workman’s Comp Claims
  • Loss Of Property Due To Fire

What Is Considered A Damaged Electrical Outlet?

Any outlet that is not properly secured per the National Electric Code will fail to pass inspection. If your temporary outlets have cracked housing, damaged covers, or exposed wires inside an open box, they are hazardous. These requirements apply to both high-voltage and 110-volt receptacles that service small tools and charging stations.

How Outlet Covers Protect Your Crews & Your Clients

A clear plastic gang cover protects switches, outlets, and junction boxes. Adding reusable covers to your standard site equipment can prevent costly delays while protecting your workers from hazards around the site.

When you employ outlet paint guards inside, your interior contractors avoid shorts and shocks. The chance of a ladder knocking a plug loose or exposing wires is greatly reduced, which ensures you don’t lose workers or have to pay out on workers’ comp claims.

Stock Up On SmartGuard Covers For Your Next Contract

There is an easy and affordable way to ensure your worksite electric receptacles are always safe—stock up with a collection of SmartGuard Covers. Our clear covers not only protect your people, but will also speed up routine inspections by clearly showing all connections. Not sure which item to order? Give our customer service team a ring, or use our easy contact form to start your order today.