How To Stay Clear Of The OSHA “Fatal Four”

Construction sites can be dangerous places. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has deemed the leading causes of death in construction as the “Fatal Four,” “Focus Four,” or “Big Four.” These hazards account for more than half of all deaths in construction each year. Even non-fatal accidents cost in time, money, and manpower.

Fortunately, we have protective solutions to supplement policies you have in place. Find out what you can do to prevent such accidents and how SmartGuard products can help keep your worksite and crew safe.


What Are The OSHA Big Four?

  1. Falls
  2. Electrocutions
  3. Struck-By
  4. Caught-In (Caught-Between)

1. Workplace Slips, Trips & Falls

Falls are among the most common and easily preventable workplace accidents that can result in severe injury or death.

  • Slipping Off A Ladder
  • Falling From Scaffolding Or A Roof
  • Tripping Over Debris
  • Falling Through An Uncovered Hole

How to Prevent Falls On The Job

Everyone on the team must understand and follow the safety regulations OSHA sets.

  • Use Suitable Ladders
  • Use Approved Floor Hole Covers
  • Clean Up Messes Quickly
  • Constantly Inspect Equipment
  • Use Safety Harnesses For Scaffolding Or Rooftops

2. Electrocution Job Hazards

Overhead power lines are standard, and workers must know their location to avoid risk.

  • Inspect Cords Routinely
  • Never Use Damaged Cords
  • Use Insulated Power Tools
  • Install GFCI Outlets
  • Use Electrical Outlet, Panel, Breaker & Switch Covers

3. Jobsite Struck-By Injuries

Struck-by injuries, which can involve anything from a falling brick to a collision with an operating machine, are unfortunately common.

  • Machine Operators Must Be Competently Trained
  • Properly Guard Work Areas To Prevent Flying Objects
  • Designated Pathways For Automobiles & Cranes
  • Hole Covers Prevent Falling Objects From Above

4. Caught-In / Caught-Between Accidents

This construction accident occurs when a worker is pinned, such as between machinery parts or a vehicle and a wall.  It can also happen by a collapsing building, falling objects, or trench collapse.

  • Workers Must Remain Aware Of Surroundings
  • Machinery Should Be Properly Maintained
  • Stationary Guards Should Be Used When Needed
  • Excavation personnel Should Secure Areas Before Workers
  • Appropriate Protective Equipment Should Be Worn

Be Smart & Guard Against The Focus Four

We have developed SmartGuard products specifically for construction sites to help protect workers from many of the hazards above.

  • Switch Covers
  • Outlet Covers
  • GFCI Decora Receptacle Covers
  • Electrical Panel Cover
  • Critical Breaker Covers
  • Control Panel Guards
  • Mud Ring Covers
  • Hole Covers—Many Sizes
  • Floor Sink Drive Covers

Let Us Help Keep Your Crew Safe

The OSHA Fatal Four are responsible for almost 60% of all deaths in the construction industry each year—but this doesn’t have to be the case! You can significantly reduce risks by taking preventive measures and investing in OSHA-approved protective equipment from SmartGuard. Call us today for more information, or order online now.