Prevent Job Site Accidents With Plastic Floor Hole Covers

Slips, trips, and falls can hurt workers, slow down projects, and cost you safety fines and fees. Increase job site safety and prevent avoidable accidents with plastic floor hole covers from SmartGuard. We offer drain, core drill, and floor hole safety covers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Types Of Floor Holes On Job Sites

  • Drilled Concrete For Pipes & Ductwork
  • Below Floor Access Points
  • Drains
  • Gutters

The Problem With Uncovered Holes

It’s easy to assume that the person who drilled or cut the opening will notify employees in the area. Construction sites are commonly noisy, busy areas — making communication difficult. Well, can’t workers see that there’s a hole? Not when they are carrying loads or focused on something else.

Injuries Can Result From Openings Of Any Size

Larger openings in roofing, work platforms, and floors can be a fall hazard to workers performing tasks in the area. Even smaller holes can easily be overlooked and catch a work boot. Sticking up some caution tape or covering openings with cardboard isn’t enough.

To prevent injuries, you should be aware of openings inside the buildings you are constructing, in the workshops or warehouses your employees frequent, outdoor drains and chutes, on decks and working platforms in use, and on roofs.

OSHA Compliance Requires Covers

OSHA Standard 1910.28 states that employees are to be protected from tripping or stepping into or through any hole less than 4 feet above a lower level by covers or guardrail systems. The cover must support at least a 200-lb. load, be larger than the opening, secured against displacement, and labeled.

Our Floor Opening Covers

Our plastic floor hole and floor sink drive covers are designed for heavy-duty use on typical construction sites. Don’t see what you want in our inventory? Contact us with your specifications. We can manufacture custom covers that meet your needs and construction safety standards.

  • Meets OSHA Standards For Guarding Floor Openings & Holes
  • Rollover Protection From Lifts & Carts (5000 lbs)
  • 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″ & Custom Sizes
  • Round Or Square Base Plates
  • With Or Without Watertight Gaskets
  • Press In Place, Pull To Remove
  • Bright Yellow Plastic With The Word “Hole”

Place Your Order Today

At SmartGuard, we can custom manufacture these safety covers to prevent accidents on all types of job sites. Explore our inventory and contact us today to place your order for plastic floor hole covers or get a quote on a custom order.