Wholesale Electrical Outlet & Switch Covers

Protect your workers from live wires and your electrical wiring from paint, dust, and other on-site hazards with wholesale electrical outlet and switch covers from SmartGuard. We provide a variety of ready-made affordable options and manufacture custom cover that you can tailor to meet your specifications.

  • Paint Shields
  • Mud Ring Covers
  • Nail On Box Covers
  • Access Covers
  • Pre-fab Device Covers
  • Flat Plate Covers

Paint Shields

SmartGuard paint shields help your painters save time during prep and clean-up. They also won’t have to work slowly and carefully near open outlets and switches.

Mud Ring Covers

Our mud ring covers are ideal for keeping drywall tools, hands, and debris from making contact with electrical live wires. You don’t have to worry about texturing products, sanding dust, primer, or paint covering your wiring or electrical box interiors.

Nail On Box Covers

Install our plastic nail-on box covers at rough-in to keep contaminants out and reduce wire-cutting accidents while leaving electrical wiring open to inspection. At the trim stage, remove them from your boxes without having to perform any additional cleaning.

Access Covers

Nothing wastes time like having to redo electrical work or clean outlets and plugs that have been splattered with paint. When using power tools on hot receptacles during construction, these covers keep the mud and dust out. Our access covers also give you a clear view of the color and orientation of your wiring without the need for extra stickers or markings.

Pre-fab Device Covers

Pre-fab device covers, available in 1 to 6 gang sizes, provide steel-like protection without the extra expense of metal. They are made of translucent yellow plastic and are fully warrantied against damage caused by typical drywall installation and finishing tasks.

Flat Plate Covers

Flat plate covers allow you to pre-wire and continuously test devices without a lot of hassle. Sensors and switches are tucked inside the strong, non-conductive PVC barrier, protecting workers from live wires while keeping electrical work safe.

Custom Sizing Is Available

If you don’t see a ready-made option that will work well for your projects, we also offer custom materials and sizes. Let us design electrical switch covers that meet your specific dimensions.

Order Electrical Outlet & Switch Covers

If you are looking for temporary outlet covers on your construction sites, at SmartGuard we provide durable, cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to place your order or to learn more about custom product manufacturing.