Temporary Covers That Help Visual Inspection On The Job Site

When you need temporary covers that visual aid inspection on the job, turn to SmartGuard. Based in Poulsbo, WA. We serve businesses in various industries across the US. Our color covers make visual inspections easy and help identify outlets and openings. In addition, by making inspections simple, our clear options greatly facilitate OSHA and permitting processes. Here are three examples of SmartGuard equipment that can make your job easier:

  • Electrical panel covers
  • Floor hole options
  • Outlet hole covers

Electrical Panel Covers

Clear plastic electrical panel covers are designed for those working in the electrical industry. You can speed up the completion of a project with these simple-to-install plexiglass designs. If you work in prefab assembly, Smartguard products come in various styles for specific electrical components. Electricians use our products to protect sensitive wiring and metal components and your employees and site visitors.

We have options for electrical panels that secure your work and make it easy to wire panels for prefab builds. Keep all components visible while protecting them from dust, paint, and other worksite debris that can damage sensitive parts. Clear plastic styles make it easy to gauge the condition of your panel, while the self-extinguishing PVC makes our electric panel options fire-resistant and safer for everyone on the job site.

Floor Hole Covers

Do you need a common-sense solution for floor holes? To meet OSHA standards without holding up construction, address floor openings with our clear plexiglass floor hole covers. They are constructed using High-Density Polyethylene plastic for enduring strength. You will also find that these products are water-resistant and puncture-resistant.

Outlet Hole Covers

There can be dozens of outlet holes on a typical job site. An outlet hole protector creates a durable solution to harsh job conditions. Made of transparent plexiglass, and our outlet hole covers are an excellent addition to your prewire or pre-fab tool kit. You can easily install these plastic protective products on almost any job site. Receptacle options allow clear views for inspectors and workers while protecting sensitive components from the elements.

Avoid worker injuries and OSHA fines by properly masking electrical outlets. Once installed, the covers stay in place until you remove them. The materials and design meet ANSI code requirements. We also have low-volt selections, and our outlet hole options are recyclable for a more sustainable solution.

Protect Your Sensitive Components With Plastic Protective Covers

At SmartGuard, we create innovative solutions for a safer, more efficient job site. Contact us today for advice on products and solutions that can provide temporary covers that facilitate visual inspections on the job site, whether you’re in Poulsbo, WA, or you’re operating nationally.