Plastic Electrical Box Covers

Save time on installation, inspections, and construction clean-up with protective plastic electrical box covers from SmartGuard. Electrical work takes time and precision. Don’t let dust, a stray paintbrush, or drywall saw accident ruin hours of work or cost you in call-backs.

Our protective faceplates help you get construction work done more quickly and efficiently.

Why Use Residential Nail-On Box Covers?

  • Easy Friction Installation At Rough-in
  • Inspect Wiring With Faceplates In Place
  • Eliminate Cut Wiring & Expensive Call-Backs
  • Protect Electrical Boxes From Drywall, Dust, Mud & Paint
  • Remove At Trim & Reuse Or Recycle

Save Time With Easy Installs

Simply press to activate the plastic cover’s friction fit. Then, install the clear faceplate with the supplied screws. You don’t have to rummage around for the right tool or invest in glues or different hardware.

No Messy Tape Or Clean Up

Sure, you could slap on some tape and call it a day, but then you have to remove and reapply it every time you access your electrical work. Plastic electrical box covers are easy to remove at the trim stage and are both reusable and recyclable.

Inspect With Electrical Covers In Place

Need to check out your wiring or have electrical accessible to job site inspectors? If you’ve installed SmartGuard clear plastic box covers, you’re done. Electricians and inspectors can see right through the clear faceplate without a lot of extra work and time on the job.

Customize Cover Size To Your Job Sites

We carry 1 gang box, 2 gang box, 3 gang box, and 4 gang box covers. 3” & 4” round acrylic protectors are also readily available. If you routinely work on unique or irregular-sized outlets, we encourage you to ask about our custom manufacturing options.

Choose From A Variety Of Materials

We can custom produce PVC and acrylic box covers to your specifications. You get the same benefits as you do with our in-stock clear electrical outlet protectors in sizes and materials built for you.

Order Clear Plastic Electrical Covers

Keep dirt and construction materials out of your electrical work. Place your order for clear plastic electrical covers from SmartGuard today. Contact us to order in bulk or to ask about our custom manufacturing services for construction industry professionals.