3″ Round Mud Ring Cover
  • 3″ Round Mud Ring Cover
  • 3″ Round Mud Ring Cover

3″ Round Mud Ring Cover

What It Covers: Crouse Hinds TP477 4"SQ 5/8" Raised Steel Mud Ring
Installation Method: Insert cover
Removal Method: Pull to remove cover


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3″ Round Mud Ring Cover

3” Round Mud Ring Covers from our electrical prefab line are built to fit all major brands of mud ring blanks, including the Crouse-Hinds TP477. These covers offer convenient protection during electrical rough-in wiring and prefab assembly, plug tail applications, and low volt wiring. It also offers great protection from drywall installation, taping, textures, sanding dust, primers, and paint.  Translucent yellow PVC provides easy observation of the device during installation and while it remains in use.

Prefab Product

Our electrical prefab outlet items are designed to withstand harsh conditions on the job site. The PVC plastic of these covers are router proof creating a product perfect for any prefab or pre-wire environment. All our covers are translucent to guarantee easy observation and configuration during and after installation. Our prefab items are used by major contractors and prefab shops throughout the United States. These covers not including any other provided equipment are recyclable.

Easy Installation On Your Job Site

Easily install our covers without the need for any tools or equipment. Simply press the cover on to its desired location. The cover should snap into place and just as easily snap out of place.

Be OSHA Ready

Avoid OSHA fines and worker injuries with these simple to install and use electrical mud ring covers.

Proudly made in the USA

Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.25 in