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Clear Plastic Covers For Contractors

Save on Labor

and material cost with SmartGuard products

Designed To Last

SmartGuards line of protective plastic covers are meant to be used by electricians, drywall and painting contractors, HVAC technicians, and plumbers. Not only are our covers convenient, they are tough too! – able to hold up to all that the construction process throws at them!

Each cover is made from strong and durable PVC plastic that  is designed to last.

Easy Installation

SmartGuard products are designed to be installed and removed quickly and easily.

Our see-through design makes it easier to identify what is being covered, allowing for easy identification of device color and orientation, our clear breaker box covers allow easy view of panel interior.

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Our Products

SmartGuard offers more than 60 protective clear covers providing the most cost effective way to protect both commercial and residential electrical devices.