Rough-In Electrical Covers

2 Gang GFCI/Decora Cover
1 gang GFCI/Decora receptacle covers from our electrical prefab products line are now being offered with pre-installed push pins. Our new tool-less device covers install in just 1 second. The addition of the

SmartGuard offers rough in electrical covers for construction and engineering industry professionals. We have designed the most convenient, high-quality rough in prefab electrical covers available. Our electrical prefab items are proudly made in the USA. We offer protection for electrical panels, outlets, and switches. Eliminate worry about time-consuming clean up from paint, spackle, or drywall. Our super easy to install plastic prefab and rough in covers are cost-effective and reusable.  Add efficiency and profitability to your workflow on site.

Types Of Rough In Covers

Many of our products feature an easy snap-in fit for the protection of wiring and plug tail applications. They allow access to switches and outlets while keeping things clean. Prefab device covers offer steel-like performance and are fully warranted against any damage caused by standard drywall installation. We offer a variety of covers to choose from. Some of our more popular options are:

  • Metal Box Covers
  • Access Covers
  • Prefab Device Covers
  • Temporary Electrical Panel Covers

Why Choose SmartGuard?

Because we design and produce our covers, we can make sure they are exactly what is needed by you, today’s construction and engineering professional. We deliver quality products that meet your needs and industry standards.

Benefits of using SmartGuard rough in electrical covers:

  • Easy press-in or screw-on installation.
  • Can be inspected while in use without removal.
  • Meets UL and other industry standards.
  • Less waste and wasted time.
  • Nonmetal rugged, professional-quality design.
  • Can be customized for the needs of your unique site.

Better Rough In Covers

Our innovations are never-ending and ever evolving. All of our products are easy to install and remove. Simply snap in or screw in the cover that meets the needs of your project. Our plastic prefab and rough-in covers are clear allowing for easy identification and view of the interior. Inspectors can gather the information they need without having to remove anything.

All of our devices are OSHA approved meeting ANSI standards, as well as UL Standard 514C compliant (Dielectric strength and flammability), and certified ASTM standard D1790 and D638. Protective covers, eliminate the need for taping off the area. This promotes a faster trim stage, and reduces clean up time. Our covers are strong, durable and designed to last. Each one is made from rugged weatherproof plastic.

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SmartGuard’s prefabricated and rough in electrical covers are designed to save on labor and material costs for electricians, painters, and others in the construction industry. Contact us today. Let our support and service team answer any questions you have.