Protect Hoses & Ducts With Plastic Pipe Caps

Reduce worksite accidents and protect valuable construction materials with SmartGuard plastic pipe caps for hoses and ducts. Keep what you want in your piping and ductwork and what you don’t want out with our easy-to-install, economical covers.

  • Seal couplings, bell ends, PVC pipe ends, and end bell fittings.
  • No duct tape or costly cone-type solutions needed.
  • Firm hold and installs in seconds.
  • Seal out dirt, moisture, rust, dust, and concrete products.
  • Easy to see yellow color.
  • Economical and recyclable.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

Why Seal PVC Pipes?

Many types of accidents and hazards can cause delays and increase costs on construction and repair jobs. The worst are usually the ones we could’ve avoided. Floods, pests, concrete, paint, and more can make their way into your open PVC pipes. Why not invest in a fast, economical solution with plastic conduit and fitting caps?

Not only can you decrease downtime and damaged materials, you can reuse your caps and save in the long run.

Can’t We Just Seal Pipes With Tape?

Sure, you can take the time to tape tubing ends. Accessing the insides or accidental cuts and tears will mean wasted tape and re-taping, and in the end, it all has to be removed and thrown away. Plastic pipe caps pop in and out in no time and are sturdy enough to last your whole job.

For additional time savings, our covers are yellow, making them easy to see from a distance.

Easy To Install, Easy To See Fitting & Coupling Caps

Our strong, user-friendly PVC pipe caps come in convenient sizes. Choose from conduit covers from 3/4″ to 6″ or order custom-made PVC pipe and fitting caps with the same amazing benefits, but in a size that works for your unique types of jobs.

Order PVC Plastic Pipe Caps

Contact us at SmartGuard to place your order for plastic pipe caps today. We’d be glad to go over the specifics of your project needs and how our product lines can help you. If you need something in a specific size or material, we invite you to ask about our custom manufacturing services as well.