5 Products That Organize Your Jobsite

SmartGuard is a Poulsbo, Washington-based company that caters to business clients across various industries. We help those businesses to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) by making their job site visual inspections easy. In addition, we provide business owners with color covers to help them organize their job sites and prepare for an examination. This helps to identify openings and outlets.

Our Products Include:

  • Floor Hole Covers
  • Outlet Hole Covers
  • Electrical Panel Products
  • Custom Acrylic Switch Cover
  • Custom Acrylic Panel Option With Sliding Face

Floor Hole Covers

Don’t slow down construction because you have floor holes. We can help your team address gaping holes with a simple solution. But, first, let’s help you get those spots compliant with our clear plexiglass floor hole covers to satisfy OSHA requirements for guarding floor openings. High-Density Polyethylene plastic is durable, puncture- and water-resistant.

Outlet Hole Covers

Outlet hole protection on a job site can pose a challenge during visual inspections. Be OSHA compliant on inspection day by covering scores of outlet holes with our transparent plexiglass flat plate options. This allows your crew to connect devices to circuit wiring, tuck them away into the box and cover them with the plate for safety. In addition, we use 60mil clear PVC to protect the crew from live wires, which OSHA inspectors can easily see.

Electrical Panel Covers

Electricians will want to protect the panels with our clear plastic electrical panel covers because this can keep the project moving towards completion. The plexiglass selections are easy to install, and the SmartGuard designs are crafted in several styles for specific components. Protect your metal components and sensitive wiring from debris and work site visitors. In addition, we use clear plastic designs to make it more visible for OSHA inspections and for a crew to assess the panels’ condition on the job site.

Custom Acrylic Switch Cover

We designed these options to protect hand switches on electrical switch gears. We’ve rounded all the edges and made them smooth to reduce any chances of injury. The clear polycarbonate plastic allows for easy OSHA visual inspection. It is .25” thick, and we apply neodymium magnets to the corners. We’ve created a .5” flange on the sides, but the cover is to spec at 5.5” height x 4” wide x 2.5” deep.

Custom Acrylic Panel Cover With Sliding Face

Operators can quickly access the master switch control board with the sliding access face of our custom acrylic control panel. It’s made of a sturdy plastic cover with .25” clear acrylic. Separate top and bottom rails and handles are installed instead of pull holes. They’re smooth and polished and travel smoothly. They can be made in any size and facilitate the OSHA visual inspection on your job site.

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SmartGuard of Poulsbo, Washington, stands by with products to make your OSHA visual inspections easy for everyone involved. Review our website and choose those products you’ll need for inspection-ready and safety compliance. Call us today with any questions about your custom order.