OSHA Accepted Temporary Electrical Panels

SmartGuard’s® OSHA-accepted temporary electrical safety panels are a must-have for any construction site or project. These safety temp panel covers are easy to install and remove, recyclable, and can be reused. Sold across America, our 14″ and 20″ wide panel covers are the only ones that meet OSHA safety and onsite use standards.

Benefits Of Our Temporary Electrical Panels

There are numerous benefits to using our OSHA-accepted temporary electrical safety panels. Ensuring the health and safety of workers on-site is a top priority. Made from sturdy clear PVC, our covers meet UL Standard 514C (Dielectric Strength & Flammability). This material is certified ASTM standard D1790 & D638 (Impact & Tensile Strength). Additionally, these electrical panel covers come with both proper ANSI warning and safety labeling and UL and ASTM labels. In addition to knowing that your panels are backed by the strictest industry safety standards, you also benefit in the following ways:

  • See-through design for inspection of interior wiring and breakers.
  • Protection from dust, moisture, paint, and debris.
  • Proper use eliminates safety violations and fines.
  • Magnets at all four sides give you ease in installation and removal, and if needed, tech screws can be added for a mechanical mounting.
  • Compliance with OSHA safety regulations.
  • Use as a temporary cover on energized panels and load centers.
  • A great addition for prefab shops looking to prewire cans and send to the job site with the option to energize circuits as needed.
  • 600 Volt rated.
  • Standard 14″ and 20″ widths can be supplied to any height needed.
  • Custom sizes & applications available for any breaker box and critical power breakers or switches. Also sold without labeling for an inexpensive dust cover.

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SmartGuard® is always looking for ways to help contractors improve efficiency and lower their cost curve. Our clear temporary electrical safety panels protect wiring that has been completed at the job site. Let us help you save time and money on your next or current project. Contact us for more information today.