GLY Construction

6 Inch Hole Cover in use
6 Inch hole covers made specifically made for GLY Construction with their company name engraved onto the product.

Core Drill Floor Hole Covers

GLY Construction in Seattle, WA was the first to jump on our newest product, core drill floor hole covers. Here you will see our 6″ and 8″ sizes in place during the construction and building process of a new high rise. These hole covers have a 3/8″ thick top flange, 1/2″ thick gasket, and 3/8″ thick base plate. GLY also helped in testing of this product to ensure strength and durability and provided great feedback to help refine this product.

  • Covers 6″ & 8″ Floor Holes
  • Core Drill Floor Hole Covers
  • Product Comes With & Without Gasket