Electrical Panel Covers

SmartGuard manufactures and distributes clear plastic electrical panel covers for use by electricians. These temporary, reusable covers are useful in a wide range of construction and engineering projects to increase safety and protect breaker boxes from dirt, liquids, and debris. Inspections are a breeze with our covers because inspectors can still see what’s behind the cover without having to remove it.

Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and contractors dealing with paint, dust, and drywall, can all benefit from the practicality, added safety, time and money savings, and ease of use of our covers.

Benefits of Our Covers

  • Clear PVC plastic allows covers to stay in place for easy viewing of panel condition.
  • Self-extinguishing fire resistant PVC material.
  • Recyclable and made in the USA.
  • 14″ and 20″ kits available – adjustable to all sizes of openings.
  • Strong holding power – covers stay in place.
  • OSHA approved – meets ANSI code requirements.
  • Added safety and security.

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Save Time & Money

You know that every minute counts. Eliminating wasteful practices, like having to tape over electrical panels or the installation of covers over areas that have to be repeatedly accessed wastes time. Once the job is done what happens to that tape and those other inconvenient temporary solutions? SmartGuard’s transparent electrical panel covers eliminate the need for tape and throw-aways. Clear temporary electrical panel covers give workers the information they need at a glance. These covers are also customizable. Our kits come in sizes to meet a wide variety of needs. We provide many snap-fit or screw on protectors. When the job is completed, our electrical panel covers are also reusable and recyclable.

Safety Is Important

At SmartGuard, we know how important safety is when it comes to temp electrical panels. The less you have to mess with your breaker box cover or load center cover- the better. We take pride in giving you the information you need quickly while still maintaining a safe environment. In the event of an accident, put your mind at ease knowing that our electrical panel covers are both made from fire retardant PVC plastic and are puncture-resistant. 

Developed With Standards In Mind

Our American-made electrical panel covers have been developed to meet a variety of industry building and safety standards and satisfy both OSHA standards and ANSI codes. They also meet ULstandard 514 for dielectric strength and flame rating and ASTM standards D1790 and D638 for Impact and Tensile strength. When you buy from SmartGuard, you are buying a quality product that meets the standards and codes you need them to. Let us worry about the details so you can get back to work.

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If you are interested in an electrical panel cover solution for your professional needs, please contact SmartGuard today. We take great pride in offering you these high-quality products directly or through various distributors for your convenience. See why so many industry professionals count on SmartGuard to save time and money on their job site.