Custom Acrylic Covers An Essential Tool On Your Jobsite

Keeping construction work on time and budget is always a challenge. Some of these challenges are unavoidable, but keeping your electrical switches and outlet boxes clean doesn’t have to be one of them. Our custom acrylic outlet covers quickly become a job site essential for many reasons.

  • Protect Electrical Outlets Without Limiting Access
  • Keep Paint, Drywall Dust & Construction Debris Out
  • Inspect Electrical Without Removing Covers
  • Options Available For Switches & Plugs Or Receptacles
  • Easy Install & Removal On Construction Sites
  • No Wasted Tape, Stickers, Or Clean-up Time
  • Plastic Access Covers Are Reusable & Recyclable
  • Minimize The Need For Re-Work & Call-Backs

Protected, Easily Accessible Electrical Outlets

Sure, you could screw on a plate or tape up your electrical boxes, but what about when you need to access the switch or outlets underneath? Sometimes all you want to do is make sure a connection is still working or double-check whether a one-gang or two-gang receptacle is in place.

Acrylic covers don’t have to be removed to provide access but still give you all the benefits of covering job site outlets.

Do The Job Without Junking Up Electrical Boxes

Why do we need to protect outlets and switches in the first place? Because construction job sites involve sawing, drilling, painting, and mixing. Open structures are also subject to windblown debris and moisture.

Save your electricians and inspectors from having to continually scrape sawdust, dirt, spackle, paint, and drywall out of your electric work.

Transparent Acrylic Makes For Easy Inspection

Clear plastic electrical covers mean inspections can happen at a glance. You can quickly identify the color and orientation of your installed devices. Our acrylic access covers add to that convenience by including openings big enough for you to flip a switch or plugin testing equipment.

Access Cover Options For Switches & Plugs

These plastic outlet protectors come in various shapes and sizes; shield toggle switches, decorator-style switches, one-gang outlets, and two-gang outlets. Depending on the receptacle you are protecting, you keep job site dirt out while keeping access to one or two openings.

If you don’t see the solution you have been searching for, need access covers in bulk, or have a unique project on the horizon, we can custom manufacture plastic outlet protectors to your specifications.

Easy Install & Removal On Construction Sites

Installing and removing our acrylic access covers is simple. Screw the clear plastic onto your electrical box, with access holes where you need them. When it comes to removal, just remove those screws, and you’re done. It couldn’t be easier.

No Wasted Tape, Stickers, Or Clean-up Time

Tape seems like a mistake-proof, quick, and economical way to cover up holes on construction job sites. After all, we all want to be OSHA compliant. But what happens to all that tape after the project is done? It has to be cleaned up and thrown away.

Why spend extra time collecting something you are just going to toss, removing stickers, or cleaning up adhesive and markings? Plastic covers eliminate waste.

Plastic Access Covers Are Reusable & Recyclable

Not only do you save money on stickers and tape, but you can also collect used covers and use them again on another job. Or, if you are finished with them completely, you can recycle them for an eco-friendly bonus.

Avoid Electrical Re-Work & Electrician Call-Backs

Having to re-do finished electrical work and call inspectors and electricians takes time and cuts into your profits. Protect your outlets and switches. Make our acrylic covers a job site essential.

Order Acrylic Electrical Covers

Contact SmartGuard today to place your order for acrylic covers with electrical access. Let us know how many you need or learn more about our customization and manufacturing services. We look forward to adding ease to the electrical work on all of your job sites.