As individual states and counties shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis, Clear Industries, LLC home of SmartGuard Products, has and will remain operational as an "essential business" providing safety products for the construction, electrical, plumbing and HVAC industries. Clear Industries is an "essential business" under applicable U.S. Federal and State government guidelines and we are actively receiving, processing, and shipping orders. Our customers include medical facilities, government agencies, energy and nuclear facilities, and other essential businesses and residences that...
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Floor Hole Covers

180 Core Drill Floor Hole Covers Ordered

180 Core Drill Floor Hole Covers for the Bellevue Towers Project Our newest addition to the SmartGuard® product line is quickly making a name for itself. Prime Electric of Seattle, WA ordered 180 of our new Core Drill Floor Hole Covers to be used at the Bellevue Towers project. These covers are tough, made with Type 1 PVC fire rated base plate and the fire resistant gasket adds a strong fire protection layer from floors below. The closed cell foam...
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