Acrylic Covers For Your Job Site

Save time and money on costly cleanup efforts with SmartGuard acrylic covers for your job site. Our temporary outlet covers keep workers safe from electrical accidents while still allowing them to do their jobs. Inspection can take place without having to remove and install protective shielding over and over.

You can quickly install this see-through plastic protection without concealing what’s underneath. Then, remove them during finish work and reuse them for additional cost savings.

  • Sign Holders
  • Drain Covers
  • Outlet Covers
  • Switch Covers
  • Control Panel & Critical Breaker Guards
  • Custom Guards & Display Cases

Protective Sign Holders

We carry both 5″ x 7″ and 9.5″ x 12″ acrylic wall or door mount sign holders, but can customize sizing to your specifications. You can protect posted literature, safety signs, maps, and posters from dust and dirt for easier viewing and repeated use. A thumb cut out makes it easy to slide the paper in and out during initial installation or replace holder contents. Double-sided adhesive tape is included for secure mounting.

Rust-Free Drain Covers

Need sturdy, rust-resistant, see-through slotted coverings for drains, grates, or trenches? We carry both round and rectangular acrylic styles and can customize the fit to your current job or the types of jobs you do most frequently. Keep rain from pooling or plumbing outlets open without the risk of losing tools or twisting an ankle.

See-Through Outlet Covers

From 1 gang to 6 gang, our clear acrylic electrical covers create a temporary shield from unwanted tampering and damage with at-a-glance receptacle configuration viewing. So you can get your job site rough-in, prefab, and pre-wiring tasks done without additional risks of electrical shock to workers in the same area. Just a few screws are all it takes to protect or access each outlet. No messy tape is needed or wasted.

Toggle Switch Covers

Cover from 1 to 6 hand switch toggles with our acrylic switch covers. Our paint shield and lockout versions enclose the toggle and associated wiring to keep both pain and little fingers out. We also carry shields with openings that make each toggle still fully accessible. Press to fit, and then use pre-installed or your own screws. Then, remove and reuse.

  • With Or Without Pre-Installed Screws
  • Lockout Or Accessible Toggle Switches
  • Switch & Outlet Combos Available
  • 1 To 6 Gang Orientations

Control Panel Guards

Our acrylic control panel shields come in two versions — low voltage with legs and sliding face covers for master control boards. Because each guard is custom-made to your job, you know you’re going to get the right fit every time without having to sacrifice durability or usability. Strong acrylic plexiglass protects your panels while still providing easy access when required and zero work inspections.

Our lockable critical breaker covers also include proper ANSI warning and safety labeling on the acrylic front. They also meet UL Standard 514C for dielectric strength and flammability and are certified ASTM standard D10 for impact and tensile strength.

Custom Acrylic Covers, Cases & Guards

Looking for a specific size, shape, or gang capacity? We also custom manufacture a variety of acrylic covers to fit your specifications. All of our custom acrylic products are made from either 1/4″ thick clear acrylic. Edges are wounded and smooth, and hinges are clear. We also offer a range of other customization to get you the most variability and functionality out of each case or guard.

  • Pre-Drilled Holes
  • Cam Locks
  • Butterfly Latches
  • Handles

Place Your Order For Acrylic Covers

Keep the dirt, paint, and debris out of wiring, switches, and breaker boxes. Protect construction workers and stay compliant with OSHA safety specifications. Allow electrical inspections to take place without having to remove a thing. Order acrylic covers for your job site from SmartGuard. Contact us to place your order or discuss custom manufacturing today.