8″ Floor Hole Cover without Gasket
  • 8″ Floor Hole Cover without Gasket
  • 8″ Floor Hole Cover without Gasket

8″ Floor Hole Cover without Gasket

What It Covers: 8" Core Drill Floor Hole
Installation Method: Insert cover into opening
Removal Method: Remove cover from opening


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8 Inch Floor Hole Cover without Gasket

8″ Core Drill Floor Hole Covers provide strong protection at core holes and openings. Our Hole Covers are made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) for strong structural durability. The base plate is made from fire rated Type 1 PVC to add a strong fire protection layer from floors below.

Strong rollover protection from man lifts, forklifts, glazing carts and drywall carts (10,000 lbf. rated).

Our Hole Covers also feature HOLE engraved on topside to signify an opening is present beneath the cover

Hole Cover Specs:

  • Top side edge router to prevent sharp edges and tripping hazard when cover is placed into an opening
  • Flat 90 Degree router around top side edges to ensure smooth finish
  • Grey bottom plate router edging to prevent sharp edges and to allow a cover to be easily placed into a very specific sized opening without it having to be inserted at exactly 90 degrees.

Be OSHA Ready

Avoid OSHA fines and worker injuries with these simple to install and easy use Floor Hole Covers for core hole drilled areas.

  • Increase Worker Safety following OSHA Guidelines.
  • Hole Covers: OSHA 1926.500 (b)1926.501, 1910.29 (e)
  • Durable Yellow HDPE – For a bright eye-catching warning that a hole is present on-site
  • 45 Degree edge router to prevent trip-hazards
  • Quick Install and Easy Removal.
  • Available in multiple sizes and/or additional gasketing for a watertight & flame-resistant seal

Proudly made in the USA

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9.625 × 9.625 × 1.75 in