16″ Spiral Duct Cap
  • 16″ Spiral Duct Cap
  • 16″ Spiral Duct Cap

4″ Spiral Duct Cap

What It Covers: 4" spiral duct pipe
Installation Method: Press fit into the big end or reverse and press fit over the small end
Removal Method: Pull from opening


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4″ Spiral Duct Cap

4″ End Caps for spiral ducting. SmartGuard® Duct Caps are made from strong, durable PVC and push into the ends of the pipe easily and hold firm in place. Push them in on the big end of the duct pipes and on the small end you simply reverse them and install them over the outside of the pipes. These yellow caps provide great holding power during transportation, providing secure protection at jobsite staging areas, won’t tear or come loose like wraps and tape, eliminates time needed to monitor sticky wrapped pipe and fittings daily for tears and proper adhesion. Overall, SmartGuard Duct Caps are a huge labor savor.

Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.25 in