Custom Plastic Guard Manufacturer

At SmartGuard, we take our job as one of the top custom plastic cover manufacturers seriously. We can make any type of custom guard, cover or protective piece for any purpose and in any size. If you have an idea, or if you need something to be covered or protected during construction, we can take your specific requirements and have the product made just for you.

We will work with you to ensure all the details and requirements are correct; you can rest assured that SmartGuard will manufacture any cover or protective device to your specifications.


pipe-coversCustom Plastic Guard Fabricator

Not only do we offer an extensive product line of safety covers, devices and other types of strong, durable protective elements, we also offer custom plastic guard fabrication. If you need a plastic cover for an electrical device or any other type of device that requires a specific tight plastic seal and we don’t carry it, then we can make it for you.

No matter what type of guard you need for your construction project, we can take the dimensions and specific requirements and produce a custom piece that will meet your exact needs.


Don’t See It On Our Website?

If you need a plastic cover and you don’t see it on our website, we can create a custom-made cover for any device. These custom covers are excellent for construction projects where you need to keep out dust and debris, and they are easy to put on and secure into place. We listen to our customers. Tell us what you need, we will get you covered.

Save On Time & Money

Using a tape to cover electrical devices takes time to apply and remove. With our custom-made seals for electrical outlets, switches, and other open devices, you not only increase the safety of your construction project, you save time and money. While we have a large selection of safety covers on our website, you may find yourself with an unusual item that requires a tight seal during a construction project.

Increased Safety On The Job Site

Don’t risk letting debris, paint or moisture into an open outlet by using tape or any other untrustworthy material to cover up an exposed electrical area. We work with you to ensure that the cover we create is to your exact specifications and you will be amazed by how well they protect and seal any area.

Call SmartGuard today for more information about having a custom cover or guard made to protect an electrical device you need sealed for your next project.