SmartGuard Face Shield - Medium/Jr. (5pk) (9" x 8")
  • SmartGuard Face Shield - Medium/Jr. (5pk) (9" x 8")

SmartGuard Face Shield – Medium/Jr. (5pk) (9″ x 8″)


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SmartGuard Face Shield – Medium/Jr. (5pk)

SmartGuard’s Personal Protection Face Shields are made with 18 mil PET thermoplastic, medical-grade polyether foam headband, and 1/2 inch elastic band for a comfortable fit. Unlike other coronavirus face shields, these full-face shields are lightweight yet sturdy and provide anti-fog and anti-glare protection.

Manufactured in the USA, SmartGuard’s PPE face shields measure 9″ wide by 8″ height in order to protect from saliva droplets that may contain viruses, like COVID-19, as well as other splashes and splatters of fluid-borne pathogens.

Wear them with or without glasses. Unlike facial masks that are itchy and sweaty, these are easy to breathe in and comfortable longterm. SmartGuard Medium/Jr. safety face shields will meet the growing needs of teens and youth during the COVID-19 outbreak who can’t wear a cloth mask due to medical issues or hearing impairments.

As about our face shield visor fabrication services. We can manufacture and deliver coronavirus face shields in large volumes, with or without your branding. This makes them perfect for schools, children’s hospitals, and other places where young people meet.

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 9 × 6 in