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Electrical Distribution Center Panel Cover

What It Covers: Electrical Distribution Centers
Installation Method: Press fit panel cover into opening to engage magnets
Removal Method: Remove by hand

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Electrical Distribution Center Panel Cover

Electrical Distribution center panel covers are made with clear #3 PVC Recyclable plastic to provide an easy view of the centers interior and are non-conductive. These panel covers meet OSHA Standards for temporary use and UL514C for dielectric strength & fire rating and also meet ASTM Standards for Tensile and Impact Strength. All 4 sides come with magnets so you get a secure, long lasting holding power. They come completely equipped with the ANSI Standard Warning Symbols and Alert labels, as well as, the UL514C label and #3 PVC recycle label.

As with all our panel covers, these Distribution Center Panel covers are made to specifically fit the outer dimension opening panel width and height. Call us today with your specs to get one of these durable panel covers.